Did you know? –  (Clicker ice pour version Française)

1.  We are the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both women and men belong. Looking to do something for others, while having a great time? This is the place! We welcome adults who are up for self improvement and are interested in supporting their communities. With Chapters in every province and 27 countries around the world, we can go almost anywhere, knowing we will find friendship and helping hands.

2.  We make a difference in our communities, and the world. Last year our Jurisdiction made donations surpassing $16,600 to a variety of charities and world disasters, not including monetary value of time donated.

3.  Each year the Grand Chapter of Québec meets for our own business meeting and to elect new Grand Officers. Every three years we attend an international business meeting providing members a unique opportunity to join with like-minded members around the world, elect a new slate of officers, and have lots of fun.

4.  We celebrate creating a community of strong moral character, supporting changes we would like to see in the world. Our purpose tenders a solid foundation for happiness and achievement. The members of our Order reflect the social, cultural, educational, ethnic, and religious diversity of our communities. We value each other’s strengths and opinions.

5.  Our learning curve strengthens the application and understanding of Fidelity, Constancy, Loyalty, Faith, and Love. These issues often demand great energy and focus in our lives.

6.  We are good for heart and soul! It is not uncommon for members to celebrate 50 years plus membership in the Order—this speaks volumes.

Membership criteria

1.  You must acknowledge a belief in a supreme being.
2.  You need to be of majority age, and of good moral character.
3.  You require a Masonic relationship. (We can help you verify this.)
4.  We require that you reside in the jurisdiction you make application to.

How to Join!

Application begins with a completed Petition for Membership, submitted to a subordinate chapter. Listed below are 4 approaches:

1.  Contact a local subordinate chapter.
2.  Contact our Membership Committee by e-mailing the Webmaster
3.  Write to the Membership Committee by mail, see the contact page. Please include your address and phone number.
4.  If you know a member, approach her/him.
5.  Check out our “Events Page”, come to one of our public events and meet us.

A petition is available from any member of the Eastern Star.

Questions & Answers

Q.  Is the Order of the Eastern Star a secret society?
A.  No.  Secret societies are underground and hard to find.  We are easily found within the community, but we enjoy a distinctive means of identifying each other.  Only members are allowed in a closed meeting.

Q.  Can I afford membership in the Order of the Eastern Star?
A.  Financial position is not considered in the Order.  Members come from all economic stations of life.

Q.  Is my religious faith allowed in the Order of the Eastern Star?
A.  Members of all religions may belong to the Order of the Eastern Star.  Your belief in a Supreme Being is our only requirement.

Q.  Is the Order of the Eastern Star time consuming?
A.  After your initiation into our Order, you may attend as your time permits.

Submitted by: Brenda G. Stone, GGCCM, Membership