Lake St. Louis Chapter No. 45


Watch Words

Friendship; Participation; Fun


W.M. Blue, Gold - W.P. White, Silver


W.M. Yellow Rose - W.P. Orchids

Fun SymbolsBarry Yaxley, P.P.

W.M. Unicorn - W.P. Otter

2016 - 2017 Officers

  Worthy Matron Irene Bastien
  Worthy Patron Ralph Hall, P.G.P.  
  Associate Matron Pierrette Langevin, P.M. Gr. Marshall
  Associate Patron Peter Kandaloft  
  Secretary Judy Christiansen, P.G.M. Gr. Trustee
  Treasurer Linda Wilkinson, P.M. A. Gr. Conductress
  Conductress Margaret Hourston, P.G.M. Gr. Treasurer
  Associate Conductress Roberta Hall, P.G.M. GGCCM
  Chaplain Huguette Daguerre, P.G.M.  
  Marshal Patricia Dota  
  Organist A Friend  
  Adah Elizabeth Dempsey, P.G.M.  
  Ruth Heather MacDonald, P.G.M.  
  Esther Alana Farrell, P.G.M.  
  Martha Judy Hodhod  
  Electa Marjorie Empey, P.M.  
  Warder Louise Wilkinson, P.G.M.  
  Sentinel Della Yaxley, P.M.  


Della Yaxley, P.M. (1yrs)
Judy Hodhod (2 yrs)
Huguette Daguerre, P.G.M. (3 yrs)

General Grand Chapter

Glenn Munkres, GGCCM, Heart
Roberta Hall, GGCCM, Regenerative Medicine

Grand Officers

Barry Yaxley, Worthy Grand Patron
Margaret Hourston, P.G.M., Grand Treasurer
Judy Christiansen, P.G.M., Grand Trustee


Church of the Resurrection Hall
Queen's Road, corner Mt Pleasant
Valois (Pointe Claire), Québec
1st Thursday except July & August
3rd Thursday in June





Installation of Officers 2016 - 2017


Installation 2015 - 2016

Thanks for the pic, Rick

Official Visit of the Worthy Grand Matron 2015

Taken at Victory Chapter

Lobster Fest!





On the 19th of March in 1955, 13 O.E.S. members and 19 interested persons attend the Institution of a NEW Chapter – Lake St. Louis Chapter in Pointe Claire, Quebec. The Institution and the Initiation of these new members was performed by the Grand Officers of Quebec led by Sis. Sylvia Halsall, WGM & Bro. Robert Middleton, WGP. Present at this event was Sister Marion Rowe, then the Grand Marshal, later a Past Grand Matron and a member of Lake St. Louis Chapter. Our first Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron were Sister Madge Farncombe, & Brother John Shields.

On a cold January 7th, 1956, a Special Meeting was held for our Constitution – receiving our Charter and our number 45. Officiating were Sister Frances Kemp, WGM and Brother Clarence Hill, WGP. Bro. Clarence would later become a member of Lake St. Louis #45.

One is always amazed at the original fund-raising ideas, the amounts of monies raised and the cost of running a Chapter “in the beginning”.  We started our new life with two meetings a month at $22.00/month rent and continued with two until 1999. Of course, the rent continuously increased! Our dues were $3.00/year and then, in 1966, they doubled! By January 1958, we had increased our membership to 61 and the per capita tax was $1.12. We had monthly card parties – cost of admission was $0.75 and we made $35.00. Our rituals cost $2.44. Benevolent collections raised $5.- to $7.- per meeting. This Chapter is a VERY busy Chapter and its members are constantly traveling – to other Chapters, to Exchanges, etc. Our involvement in Grand Chapter is well noted also as we boast having eight Past Grand Matrons, five Past Grand Patrons and a current Line Officer.

Today, our expenses are higher and we, as do other Chapters, have to work harder to raise the funds we need. Our Chapter still has card parties (not every month, however) and we host a very popular Lobster Fest and an equally popular Spaghetti Dinner. We felt blessed to have had strong leadership and still feel blessed today with strong members. Our bond of friendship goes beyond our Chapter doors as we meet socially and have watched each Chapter family grow. Lake St. Louis Chapter celebrated its 50th Birthday in 2006 with an Eastern Star FAMILY party.

This Chapter, #45, is a FAMILY and proud to be part of the Eastern Star Family in Quebec.

                                                              - submitted by Roberta Hall, PGM #45